Hello world!

What do you do when you get a diagnosis?  A diagnosis you never expected you’d get, and never wanted?  A diagnosis the docs claim is chronic, impossible to heal, and, based on your current health, will land you in a wheelchair sooner rather than later?  Do you accept the inevitable – or decide that accepting a diagnosis is one thing, accepting a prognosis is quite another?  I did the latter.

So, what is my challenge?  It’s a rather serious one – I have Multiple Sclerosis.  It’s been a friend of mine for longer than I care to remember – and it’s behaving better and better.  Not quite what the doc told me to expect, but then I haven’t behaved as he expected or adviced, either.  When I got the diagnosis back in ’94, a neurologist I’d known since I was a teen (my best friend’s father) told me to not spend my money on all the quacks out there.  The quacks who claimed their modality would help me.  There was nothing to do, MS is impossible to heal, after all.  Said he.  Of course I didn’t listen.  Eventually I will post a list of everything I’ve tried over the years, I need to wring my brain a bit to recall it all.  And, as you might guess, it has helped me.  As has my choice to take this as a spiritual challenge.  And that is what I’d suggest others do, as well.  Not necessarily stay away from allopathic medicine, as I did, that is a question not to take lightly (and I do not want anybody to claim that I suggested they ditch medicine and go for prayer instead), but see this as a great push towards taking a good look on life.  Take whatever meds you need to take, but research your options.  Ask questions.  You don’t have to be filled up with prednisolone, even though the hospital wants to go that route.  More on that too at a later time.

For me, a gigantic shift came in ’96, when I bought Caroline Myss’ Anatomy Of The Spirit, and over the course of several months worked my way through it. The book works its way up through your seven chakras (or energy centers), each chakra chapter has ten questions for self examination.  I bough a pretty notebook, and wrote down my answers to them all.  Being devastatingly honest did hurt, I have to admit that, but the effect was amazing.  It hurt to realise I held so many grudges, but I learned to forgive.  Wow.  I never thought forgiving could have such dramatic results.  So, if you happen to read this, and wonder “how on earth am I going to live a good life with MS (or something else you’d rather not have)?” start with some self search – and start to forgive.  Carrying a grudge is like taking poison and expecting someone else to die.  Forgiving is an incredibly uplifiting experience.  It takes a ton of your shoulders.  Try it.  Even if you don’t have any health challenges you know of.  Oh, and please remember to forgive the most important person in your life, as well.  Yourself.



About thenaughtybun

Mother of two, diagnosed with MS in '94, and have been on a mission ever since. Constantly searching for the best health possible, and trying out all kinds of stuff to be able to live a good life, MS or not. My goal is to leave the MS behind, but that has yet to come (haven't given up hope, though!).
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8 Responses to Hello world!

  1. greevesst says:

    I like your style. X

  2. Best wishes for a healthy future. You may find this link helpful. http://facebook.com/miraculousselfhealing

  3. annina-g says:

    Thank you for your very interesting post and sharing your findings. Take care

  4. Patricia says:

    Your text has brought me to tears, dear friend. Deep and realistic, quite harsh and a lot painful, yes. I see and deal with life in the very same aspect as yours; we’re all living a spiritual experience and somehow there’re some things we must face, being it hard to endure or not, and we don’t have many options. You’re brave and an example for everyone else who must continue the steps of life with or without MS. Thank you, really!

  5. Hi, I just stumbled across your blog as I saw you were following mine 🙂 (doesn’t happen that much so I do get curious about the people that seem to like what I write). And again, this is one of the moments where I know exactly why I started blogging in the first place. Because it’s the one opportunity you have to meet – even if only via the net – people that are simply wonderful. Great sources of power, positive vibes, and inspiration. People that I would never have had the chance of crossing in my daily life. So, on these terms, I’m just very happy to meet you and look forward to following you, probably miles and miles away, all the same, through your blog.

    • Hi! Thank you so much, that’s wonderfully kind of you to say. I do like your blog, so the feeling is entirely mutual. I honestly don’t know what I would do without the net, and all the wonderfully creative people.

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