Tooth health is serious business

Steadily declining health because of MS or something else? Right now it seems like it’s something else. Teeth! It’s all about teeth. 6. December I pulled one of my 6-year molars after it broke the previous week. I had been praying/meditating/whatever you’d like to call it to get some guidance regarding what to do to increase my health, and my tooth broke. And I totally knew that the tooth was going out, there was no way I was keeping it, I was never happy with the root canal this tooth had to begin with. I wanted it pulled back then, but my dentist convinced me it was better to do a root canal, and it’s been trouble ever since. It’s my firm belief that it has been the source of my constant decline healthwise. No matter what I’ve done with EFT and other energy modalities, diet and medication, I’ve just got worse.

Sleeping more and more, spending the full and new moon weeks in increasing amounts of pain, to the effect of living only every other week, and then on rather low volume. I’ve managed to get the kids out of bed and make breakfast and packed lunch, and then dinner – but even that has been hard to manage at times. The last year I’ve hardly managed to do anything creative – the picture of the day project I started 2011 with, petered out in April. It’s been rather bleh.

Then, six weeks ago, I pulled that dratted tooth and was rather knocked out the next week or so because of pain, the worst pain actually being where the I’d got the anaesthetia, not the extraction site. I was rather hopeful the removal of this tooth would mean general improvements in health, because the full moon came and went without half my face feeling like it was on fire. Then solstice and new moon happened, still no facial pain. I did, however, get a rather intense cold and was knocked out flat. Wanted to cancel Christmas, and was rather grumpy about being so ill. Why, now that my vit. D levels are upped, did I have to get this «traditional» Christmas malady this year? Now I wonder if it was a kind of cleansing process I went through. Maybe it wasn’t a cold, after all? Thinking about it, I did have way more pain than I usually get from a cold, and I didn’t go through all the stages of a common cold, I barely even coughed. And even more, the minute I felt that this «cold» was gone from the system, my energy got a serious boost. Not just back to pre-cold levels, it was a major boost, so just to celebrate I started clutter cleaning in the basement. I’m still not done there (I’m no superhuman – I still suffer the effect of not having been able to move about and exercise like I’d like to, so I get worn out way faster than I’d like), but I’ve made some serious headway. And I’m scrubbing and cleaning all over the place, a behaviour that’s so un-like the me of previous years. Because now I don’t look at it and fall asleep, now I look at it and do it. It’s so totally amazing I have trouble putting word to just how amazing it is.

A week ago I set a goal for the house: I wanted to empty the living room extension (which has been sort of my creative work room, and which has been a mess ever since we moved here, 5 1/2 years ago) and paint the walls and ceiling before my birthday. Which means I have one and a half weeks to do so. Should be doable, especially with this new level of energy I am experiencing. In fact, hubby and I emptied the room on Sunday, I sealed all the knots in the panelling and filled holes on Monday, sanded and washed the walls on Tuesday – and then we got rid of my two old paper cabinets as well (heavy steel drawers, ugly as anything, but the band was happy to get them, and will use them to sort sheet music. Win-win!). I’m keeping my paper, of course. Hopefully I’ll get right to using it once I’m done with the room. Right now I’m having a break, but I’ve primed two thirds of the room, so I’ll be done with that today.

This change in me is so awesome, it’s totally amazing. Finally I get to experience the effects of all the EFT and stuff that I’ve been doing, because now I have the energy I need to see those effects. I’ve got rid of the main energy drain, the signal disturbance that this infection was. I’m more clear headed, I’ve got more energy, I feel like doing stuff – and I do it, and I don’t have that dull ache in my cheek. Which baffled my dentist a bit, as the x-rays showed that everything was good. Just proves you should trust your gut feeling, your intuition. X-rays are good for a lot of stuff, but don’t use them to ignore symptoms and your own health hunches.

About thenaughtybun

Mother of two, diagnosed with MS in '94, and have been on a mission ever since. Constantly searching for the best health possible, and trying out all kinds of stuff to be able to live a good life, MS or not. My goal is to leave the MS behind, but that has yet to come (haven't given up hope, though!).
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4 Responses to Tooth health is serious business

  1. ginnyksews says:

    Always trust yourself first. You know yourself better than anyone, even your doctor. I’ve had run ins with doctors just for asking them questions or THE BIG ONE, for refusing their “band aid” solution to which is clearly a symptom. I actually had to force my doctor (me being new to the area) to do a full blood work up to check for RA. He said my insurance wouldn’t cover it. I started tossing $100 bills at him asking him to tell me when to stop. Yes, I changed doctors after the blood work. He couldn’t look me in the eye with the results, but has is MA set me up with a rhuemetologist. Love my Od much much better.

    TRUST Yourself and your gut feelings. I get 10,000 Vit D boosts every 3 months and take 1,000 IU every day. My levels drop fast and go through 13 hour sleep cycles when that happens. Disease makes it hard for me to concentrate or make decisions, guess why I love being in my sewing room, it is my norm and I can work at my pace there.

    • I totally agree! I’ve changed to a holistic doc. Not covered by our health care system, but I don’t mind. I am actually both heard and helped.

  2. painterswife says:

    I won’t bore you with all the details but i really sympathise and agree – a few years back i was less than a week away from starting chemo for a cancer which turned out to be a tooth infection! I felt i didnt have cancer, my partner felt the same but the doctors were convinced. A couple of days before the chemo they removed a tooth, the lumps in my neck disappeared as did all the other ‘symptoms’. As you say, take your instincts seriously.

    • Oh dear! That’s actually quite scary, that they were going to put you through chemo … makes me wonder how many else are in that boat? Yes, I think it is important to listen to your instincts, and am very happy you did!

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