Victoria’s toiletry bag 

My son’s girlfriend turned 18 4th July, and I knew I wanted to make her something. They’ve only recently got together, so I don’t know her that well yet, but I figured a toiletry bag would be OK. Checked with her mum for favourite colours (baby pink and white), found that those are in severe lack in my stash, but got this pieced together anyway. I had some leftover HSTs from a previous project. She was thrilled to bits, something that made me very happy.

The height was decided by the size of the HSTs, but in the end I found it could have been taller. I made a toothbrush pocket, but a grown-up size brush is too tall. Oops. I guess that’s the way it goes when I just sew and don’t plan properly in advance. But, as long as she is happy with it I am too. Next time I might take the time to think through the design before I make it though, because there will be more.


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Mother of two, diagnosed with MS in '94, and have been on a mission ever since. Constantly searching for the best health possible, and trying out all kinds of stuff to be able to live a good life, MS or not. My goal is to leave the MS behind, but that has yet to come (haven't given up hope, though!).
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8 Responses to Victoria’s toiletry bag 

  1. Julia says:

    This is super cute!! I really like it. Also I couldn’t see how to reply to your comment on my wordpress. I am new to it but I searched everywhere. I wrote out a response so I figured I may as well send it 🙂

    I have severe IBS and have since I was a child. I am lactose intolerant and stick to a strict low fodmap diet. This helps but not completely. I still end up with pain most days. I have had an endoscopy and colonoscopy an it hasn’t shown anything. I haven’t been able to find much relief in this regard. I have been tested for gluten intolerance and have come up fine. It seems bread and pasta are some of the few things that don’t cause me pain. Basically I have handle fibre or anything rough which happens to be all the food I like 😐

    • Thank you! Her mom off-handedly informed me that her birthday is 8. November, so I guess I have an idea what she’d like to get. 😀
      I’ve had this journal a while, but have only recently started to use it more actively. When you go to your comments (where all are listed, not at the end of the post) and hover the mouse ofer a comment you’d like to reply on, you get several options – among them reply. Which is where I reply now. I’ve set my WP up to need approval for all comments, because I’ve had quite a bit of spam earlier, and so this is where I go when I get an email notification of a reply.

      I’m sorry to hear you struggle so badly with your food. I had a colonoscopy this fall which was perfect (and very interesting, I had no idea the transverse colon was triangular, so that was a fun discovery, and I never imagined that the colon could be ticklish…) so no help there and then just a doctoral shrug. I find fermented herbs (just the liquid) actually helps quite a bit, I just have to remember to take them. What do you mean with “have handle”? I guess this is the great fun that is autocorrect, but I’m unable to decipher what the meaning was. That you can’t handle fibre or anything rough? In case – yeah, that’s a bummer! I still mourn the loss of whole grain rye sourdough bread…but not so much when I remember how my body felt after eating it! Here’s to a steady improvement for us both!

  2. So beautiful! I love the color combinations. I had to look up what “HST” meant – is it Half Square Triangles? And a question about the pink & white checked area – Is that one solid piece of fabric and you quilted rows along the color changes? I love the way that looks!

    • Hi Jodie! Thank you so much. Yes, HSTs are half square triangles. They’re quite addictive. I tend to make loads and them play with the design, so I end up with leftovers and a growing stash of HST squares. Yes, the pink/white checks is one fabric. Quilted with a pale green-grey. Doing that took forever, it really is a job you can’t rush, but I quite like the look too!

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