A new Robert Moss course


So I’ve finished my Quantum Dreaming course, and I’ve had some experiences that have … pointed some things out to me. Like what to do. Not that I came to a complete understanding of why it is that I am here on Mother Earth, apart from what I already knew, or “knew” as it is more of an understanding. You know, that we’re here to promote love and understanding between people, that love is the only true thing and fear is a weapon wielded by those who live in fear themselves, because it gives them a feeling of power. The second to last class we did a journey to the library of the house of time. When I entered I heard my name called from all over the place, and as I wondered out loud who I was going to talk to, a voice behind me sad “Me.” I whirled around, and there was a Sufi in full garb. He started twirling, and motioned for me to do the same. My skirt grew to a radius of about 4 meters and eventually it was filled with people who had died a traumatic death, and I knew – KNEW – beyond doubt that I was to help them release the trauma of their deaths so they could move on. It is mind boggling when stuff like this happens, and I immediately begin to question myself. I have not had that habit beaten out of me yet, but maybe one day I’ll just accept what I’m told?

Anyway, I wrote about this on the course homepage and Robert replied that the Sufi headdress, that long almost sylindrical hat, is a tombstone symbol. Well, duh. Now I know why these people appeard when the Sufi instructed me. So I signed up to Robert’s next class, Shamanic Approaches to Death, Dying and the Afterlife, you can find some info here, if you’re interested. If anyone wants to know more about it, he’s doing a Q&A call tomorrow, 22. September at 12:00 pm Pacific.

In preparation for the new course I have (of course) grabbed some books:

These come in addition to Robert Moss’s The Dreamer’s book of the Dead (and all the other Robert Moss books that I have), and a handful of other books on life between lives, reincarnation and NDE’s. I guess I shouldn’t be so surprised all these dead people ended up on my skirt. That’s not why I started buying these books, I started because I needed to understand my own weird experiences – which I now know are not that weird after all. It’s just that we don’t talk about them here in the west. I haven’t had a literal NDE, as Ive never been close to death, but I have had mystic experiences and they are very similar. So I’m looking forward to see where this new course brings me.

PS – none of the links are affiliate links, there’s just there for you to enjoy and get a quick look at what I’m writing about.



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Mother of two, diagnosed with MS in '94, and have been on a mission ever since. Constantly searching for the best health possible, and trying out all kinds of stuff to be able to live a good life, MS or not. My goal is to leave the MS behind, but that has yet to come (haven't given up hope, though!).
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15 Responses to A new Robert Moss course

  1. Pia says:

    Interesting. I have Robert Moss on my to-read list in fact. I’ve always dreamed A LOT, vividly, but very, very surreal, and of course only a small percentage is remembered. I’ve tried the book under mattress method, but it hasn’t helped me greatly yet.I’ve always said, if my imagination was half as good when awake, then I’d be a bestselling author. I was hoping if I started to write things down, even one sentence a night, that my dreams would somehow distill into something more easy to describe over time instead of huge whirlwinds of a thousand details.

    • It’s a road that’s turning back on itself constantly – or so it seems. I’ve never tried sleeping ON a book, but I have one next to me so I can jot down whatever it is when I wake up. At times there’s nothing, other times I have vivid dreams that dissipate the moment I try to put words to them (a most peculiar feeling), and yet other times I can write a full short story. And sometimes I just have a song. Actually I always wake up with a melody.

      • Pia says:

        Haha, under the mattress is simply because I don’t have a bedside table and I hate stuff cluttering the floor.

      • Make a pocket for the wall? Sew something, maybe of your own cloth, where you can store a pencil and a notebook?

      • Pia says:

        There’s only a very narrow space that’s why. But I’ve seen pockets for hanging from the side of the bed. That said, I can’t feel the book.

      • So no princess tendencies? πŸ˜„
        If you make it a habit to jot down something each day, even if it’s just “can’t remember anything, but I felt calm when I awoke” it’s a beginning and eventually it will grow. I think sometimes we need to prove to ourselves that we’re serious about this stuff. I’ve started keeping a dream journal several times, but it’s only the last year I’ve been able to keep at it. Now I feel edgy if I go some time without going to my space and work on my dreams.

      • Pia says:

        I’m the least princessy woman you’ll ever meet I think. πŸ˜‰ Or perhaps I just have a really good mattress.

      • Long live good mattresses – and the ability to sleep well. Who’d want to be that sensitive anyway? When she could feel that pea through all those layers, she must have been able to feel every speck of dust she sat on…

      • Pia says:

        The difference isn’t in feeling it or not, but whether you complain about it and expect somebody else to fix the problem! *G*

      • Good point! πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

      • Pia says:

        Btw could you recommend a couple of his books for my wishlist? DK libraries only have “Dreamgates”. And I’m not overly interested in life after death, more in life before death, really.

      • Lol, I totally get the life before death thing. I want that too, but the pull towards the whole is so strong, I’ve decided to stop resisting. It’s also linked to those mystical experiences. In the core of my being I now feel there is no “death” as in ceasing to exist. It’s a transition, away from this plane of existing, shedding our bodies. So, books to recommend? Well, I loved Robert’s book The boy who died and came back, but it might not be exactly what you’re looking for. Dreamgates is good … Let me think about it. I need to get going now, so I’ll get back to you later today, ok?

      • Pia says:

        I don’t have a fixed opinion on what happens after death, I’ve just decided I’ll deal with it when it happens!

        I’ve got these 5 books up on Amazon, unable to decide:
        Dreaming True
        The Three Only Things
        Conscious Dreaming
        Active Dreaming
        Dreaming the Soul Back Home

  2. ginnyksews says:

    I have been having to interpret my dreams for years. All of the women in my family have dreams which have meaning or warnings about upcoming events. I may have to check out this guy and his books. I am a native CA and surprised to hear that you don’t hear people talking about this type thing. You must be out socializing in the wrong circles or times. They are everywhere. We, husband and I, were sent to the mid-west but our plan is to return to our lovely Pacific Ocean again in a few years.

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