Winter coat for the tall and skinny one

My son is brushing up against the 2m mark and there’s not a gram of excess fat to be found (lucky boy, give your mama some of that, eh?) and he hates roomy clothes. So, to get sleeves that are long enough, he needs such a large size that there ends up being room for two of him in the body. This fall it became clear he needed a new fall/mild winter coat. Something for the long period when he would melt in the down jacket. Several suggestions of mine were nixed. I was hoping for a quick, easy job, but he didn’t agree with my suggestions. I didn’t feel like doing a whole lot of alteration to make a pattern fit, so I bought my first lekala pattern, #6066 (there was no coat pattern at Free Sewing then, there is now and I might just have to make it as well). The boy and I had a taping session and then cut it out. I used the lining to make a test garment. Not a thin, silky lining, but a quilted, fairly thin thermo fabric (one of my original suggestions was to make a jacket of that fabric alone, with baby cord. I figured it would fit his school, but he’s most empatically not one of “those”, meaning the snobbish kids at school. He’s one of the cool music studies ones). It fit great. Well, almost, but the alteration needed was minor. This was transferred to the pattern, and then the outer fabric was cut out, a hint larger to fit over the lining – and then the problems started. It was hideous, too much room across his back and on top of the sleeves. Damn. I ended up dragging my feet, and the fact that the boy was only available when not at school and such didn’t help. It was not looking good at all. Absolutely. Not. At. All. Besides my health was not its best, and the whole project just drained me completely. Finally I bit the bullet and fitted it properly, which meant ripping seams and topstitching, even making new seams (those from the armholes to the upper hip on the back are not there in the original pattern). Worth it, as it resulted in a properly fitting coat, and a totally delighted young man (and mum). Woot! Finally – and then the two parts were joined. The result is pretty swish, if I may say so myself, the boy is delighted and loves the coat, and it was a great learning experience for me.

The topstitching is fairly decent, except around the sleeve zippers. Thankfully it’s not glaringly hideous. He, bless him, didn’t care one iota. He loves the fit, which was what was important. He can’t suddenly go ahead and gain a lot of weight, though.

The insides also look great, if I may say so myself. It seems I don’t have any photos, so that will have be the next post – he’s not home at the moment, so neither is the coat.

About thenaughtybun

Mother of two, diagnosed with MS in '94, and have been on a mission ever since. Constantly searching for the best health possible, and trying out all kinds of stuff to be able to live a good life, MS or not. My goal is to leave the MS behind, but that has yet to come (haven't given up hope, though!).
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10 Responses to Winter coat for the tall and skinny one

  1. Laurie B Larson says:

    Wow, Berte – Looks great and so does “The Boy!” My love to you all and may the new year be chock full of wonderful for you and your loves!!!

  2. Catherine says:

    It looks fantastic! You are so clever to be able to work this out.

  3. Amazing sewing! I like the topstitching.

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