I can has snood-shawl-thing

So I knitted this thing. Last year. It was a long bias rectangle (reduce one at the beginning, add one at the end every other row), with a very simple pattern (knit four, then have a double loop on the fifth, repeat on odd rows. Knit four, lift off the double loop behind the knitting strand, repeat on even rows. Did that make sense?).

I thought I might have it as a long scarf with a big tassel each end, and then I thought I’d just unpick the cast on and mask the beginning and end together. Hah. It would’ve looked good, but this is a single thread lace weight yarn from Ullcentrum Öland and I never felt like doing it. It’s just too flimsy. Yesterday I decided it was time to just finish, so I knitted an extra row or two and then cast off. I used safety pins to hold the ends together, pinning through the corresponding stripes, and croched them together. Threw it in the washing machine, and today I’ve had in on constantly. I love it.

It’s brilliant, isn’t it? I love, love, love the colours. I love the lightweightness of it, and the complete lack of a loose end to drop in one’s tea or dinner. Here are a couple close-ups of it. The first shows inside and outside, how the row of those double length masks on the outside make a slight groove on the inside.

Here you can see the join from the outside. It is far from perfect, but it is good enough.

Here you can see the join on the inside.

Here you can see me wearing it tripled up (in the basement laundry room), I think this will be nice to wear in the colder months.

And finally, here’s how big it is. It doesn’t really lend itself to be worn like this, but doubled or tripled work really well. And you can see how the bias knitting means the colour changes run diagonally. It also means the whole thins is very stretchy and really comfortable to wear. I clearly need to make more. I have a more standard shawl on my needles at the moment, but the next project will be another snoody thingybob. Circular shawl. Whatever. A bit unsure what I should call this.

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