The Naughty Bun is me, Berte.  The blog name is derived from a nickname I got as a toddler, when I was a rather rotund thing with a mischievous streak.  I’m not as rotund anymore, though.  I’m married to a wonderful guy (have been since 1993), and we have two kids – girl born 1998, and boy 2001.  I was diagnosed with MS in 1994, so the marriage vows “in sickness and health” got meaning pretty early on in our marital life.  I must say I think it has worked out well, he’s been a great support all the way.  It’s been easy to not give up with someone like him sharing my life.  Or is it that he’s sharing my life with me because I never gave up?  Doesn’t matter, really.  I’m here, happily married, and ready to share my bits of wisdom with you.

MS affecting me the way it did meant that I never managed to finish an education, and I was put on disability in ’96.  I’ve tried so hard to get away from that, but haven’t managed yet.  Which does not mean I won’t ever, it just means I haven’t found the right way to leave it behind.

I did Soul Coaching® training with Denise Linn in 2004, which means I am a certified Soul Coach® – and you might see that play out in what I write about.  I have also had a fair share of mystical experiences, which definitely define me and my life, and which have got me started writing down my conversations with God, or Sirius (brightest star on the night sky, and sometimes I have a clear feeling of talking to several entities, not just one.  And they wanted to be called Sirius.  I guess partly because I love Sirius Black).  Much in the same way Neale Donald Walsch did – bless him for showing me it was not only possible to do, but that you could keep your sanity while doing so.  I was doubting myself a bit to start with.  Anyway, feeling the love of the Divine (or God, I just struggle a bit with that title, as I got religious poisoning as a kid, but I’m working on it) is definitely a divine experience, and while I can’t make anyone feel it, I will share a bit of what comes through.  Just me writing the blog is a result of a Sirius prompt.  Or rather, a long series of prompts, over many years, to share what I experience as I work my way through life with MS.

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  1. thanks for liking my blog. i liked yours too.

  2. Arlene says:

    Thank you for liking my post “Out With The Olde and In With The New Part 2: Making The Insides” on OUR RETIRED LIFE.

  3. It was so nice of you to like my post on quilts – thank you. I was especially glad to have discovered your blog as a result, and I wish you well on your journey – both physical and spiritual.

    • Well, thank you! I quite agree with you regarding quilting or any other creative outlet that started as a necessity. I think we humans need to create, and we discover this through living in a society where we just don’t need to – and it makes us miserable.

  4. Liv says:

    Thank you for liking a post on my blog, I wouldn’t have found yours without it! My dad has MS and I find it’s something not talked about often so I’m glad that you’re doing this. Always focus on the positives 🙂

    • Thank you! It’s important to stay positive, to see that there are always options, and there’s always hope. I hope your dad is doing OK and is not too severely affected by this dratted malady. Blessings! 😊💖

  5. Glad you enjoyed the blog. I’m a bit of a novice at it. Love the positivity of yours. A dear friend in Switzerland with two gorgeous children and a lovely husband has MS. She was given a lot of statistics but told me, we’re all living with these statistics. I’ve just been told mine and they’re just statistics. I agree with what you said about God or whatever you want to call him and think we’re all creators.

  6. Bibi Tinsley says:

    Hello Berte! Thanks so very much for your lovely comments. I would have responded to you right away if I’d known you’d commented! In the last five days I’ve been in the process of moving to wordpress.org with the same site name, and… well… things haven’t been too pretty! As of right now, Bluehost has gone down, which is affecting millions of people, but my wordpress.com site is still available, thank goodness! I am delighted to have found your blog, and energized in knowing that someone out there ‘gets’ it!!! Your site is rich in content, and I look forward to reading more.
    Highest to you and yours!

    • Aha – that’s why some links worked and others did not. I didn’t understand what was going on.

    • And likewise! (I was going to add to the first comment, but my iPad decided I hit send – even though I was far from the mark. Strange) Anyway, I’m delighted to have found your blog too, I really appreciate your openness and willingness to talk about what you experience. I am a bit more weary of that, but thankfully I have a hubby I can talk to, who gets me. Looking forward to reading more from you – and your guides! Which reminds me I should get back to this kind of writing myself. A frozen shoulder stopped me, but thankfully it’s no longer a problem.

  7. The MS Wire says:

    Berte, Thanks for liking my post about things you can do to make it a bit easier to fly when you have MS. I’m now enjoying reading your blog. Ed

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